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Reviewed on 6/10/21 at $9.99

You get a lot of content when purchasing shayerivers OnlyFans content. Realistically you can see her fully naked on Twitter right now, so shayerivers price of admission (sitting at $9.99 at the time of this review) seems to be just a tad high for what you’re getting, but it’s still a great package. While there is a ton of content you get once you get onto her main feed, it is not the most longform and consists of more pictures than videos. While ShayeRivers does off PPV videos, she has a clear menu that isn’t shoved down the users throat – at least not in our experience. We expect to see more nonsense PPVs in our inbox, but at the time of this review it was good to go. Overall her quality of content is good, and if you’re into her you’ll get to see plenty more of her body with a subscription.


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