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Reviewed on 3/2/21 at $8.99

Sexy Alisa is an OnlyFans model with a killer body and huge bolt-on tits. She posts daily, and shows her big fake tits, ass, pussy, buttplug, and 20 second clips of her in lingerie. Anything involving a penis will cost you extra. Her PPV are where you get to see any sort of sex, and ranges in the 20-30 dollar region. This is expected as right in her bio she says “I am luxury girl and I love money and gifts”, so you can only assume you will get a bunk deal. Sexy Alisa’s OnlyFans account is a mixed bag. If you are content with seeing her great body and fake tits with nothing hidden, then you will satisfied. If you came for any type of sex at all, well better cough up some more money.


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