Laurens Private

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Reviewed on 1/1/21 at $4.99

This one is for the ass lovers out there. Laurens Private posts a lot of content on her OnlyFans. Most of it includes her fat juicy ass, but she also posts tits, asshole, pussy, her rubbing lotion on her feet, and a bunch of short clips that include some b/g of her riding. She posts multiple times a day, but sends a lot of PPV content in your DMs. Most of it is pretty cheap around 4 bucks, but it is constant because when we say a lot of PPV is sent we mean A LOT. For every post on her main page you probably get 1-2 PPV messages. This makes it seem like you are never getting the full value of her page unless you’re spending an addition $4 a day which is silly. It seems like you can get most of what you are looking for on her Twitter account, but for $5 you get a little extra on her OnlyFans.


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