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Reviewed on 1/29/21 at $29.99

Do you like fat tits and asses? Of course you do, but do you like spending 30 bucks for what she posts on Twitter? Unfortunately, that seems to be what you get with Jpaid69’s OnlyFans account. Jpaid69 posts a lot, upwards of 5 times a day and include her tits, pussy, and ass. There is a lot of reposts which really makes the 5 posts a day thing really start to work against her. I guess she assumed no one would notice. Some the “videos” she posts contains as many frames as I have fingers, and most are 3 seconds long. Jpaid69 advertises her “Faucet Pussy” and that fans love her squirt videos. I bet they are great, but they are probably buried behind her many paywalls because we didn’t see any posted. There is just about the same amount of paywall content in the DM’s as there is normal content on her wall. These go anywhere from 10-30 dollars. Jpaid69 also has a free OnlyFans account you can follow. Don’t see too much of a point though when you can see what you want to see on her Twitter.


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