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Reviewed on 2/28/21 at $30

Gem101 is a model with a body that some could only dream of, but how much of it does she show? She posts many times a day sometimes upwards of 5/6 times. In those posts, she shows off her feet, 15 second clips of her usually in a bra or hand bra, her censored pussy, and MAYBE a tit or two once in a blue moon. Not to mention a few of her posts are reposts from her Twitter account. So her main wall is a waste, what about her PPV? Well forgive us if we didn’t want to drop $50 for a single video, but chances are you wouldn’t either. That’s right, she has the audacity to charge an additional 50 bucks after asking 30 for the initial entry. We would have given her an Icicles if it weren’t for the fact that she does unleash her voluptuous tits on the odd Thursday. Gem does run a free OnlyFans account, as well as a Snapchat and Frisk. At the time of writing she is running a free trial from her free account, so if you NEED to see her stacked tits you can try on a budget. If you really want to spend more past the asking price go ahead, just don’t say we didn’t warn you.


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