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Reviewed on 3/16/21 at $10

Big. Booty. Bitches. That’s what it’s all about. Everyone loves a fine ass, and Charlotte Lavish has one of the finest. Charlotte is an OnlyFans model that posts just about everyday, or we should say used to. Sometime around February her posting schedule has slowed down tremendously, and whether it is a hiatus or permanent slow down we are unsure. Her content includes her ass, tits, feet, and reposts from twitter. Unfortunately, it seems like her self proclaimed “VIP” page is just an advertisement for you to buy her full length sex tapes. Most of the videos you get are 1-2 minutes in length and are all solo. For the PPV, they will run you from 15-30 bucks and clock in at around 20-30 minutes, and are full sexual encounters. We are pretty disappointed with the potential that Charlotte’s OnlyFans page has. This one seems to be a bit of a cash grab without much thought for the consumer. You can also check out her website where she has all of her public links available.


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