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Reviewed on 11/5/20 at $9.99

Casemar148 is a busty amateur that is walking a fine line between acceptable and not acceptable by our standards. When you sub to her OnlyFans account, you are greeted with daily content, direct vlog style videos addressing where she should take her account, lingerie pictures, and the occasional titty. And when we say occasional, we mean don’t hold your breath. Unfortunately, that’s as far as the compliments go. Casey has a few too many posts that are very similar or outright identical to her Reddit / Instagram / Twitter posts. It’s not outright scamming, but it is certainly padding out some content. At $10 plus PPV’s in your DMs, we can’t really recommend this middling account. There is an easy fix for Casey’s however, and it’s just to unleash those wonderful sweater puppies.

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